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Helpful tips and tricks for life in Chile

When you make the decision to move to another country, there is a lot of research to do. From my experience, I found the information was spread all across the internet: forums, blogs, articles, comments…it was everywhere and half of it was outdated and irrelevant. So I wanted to create a place where you can find practical information about moving and living in Chile, aimed towards young adults from the US.

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I created a comprehensive digital guide meant for the younger generation who plans to move to Chile. There’s lots of information on the internet but it’s scattered across different websites and blogs, many of which are outdated. In this guide everything is in one place! Topics covered include: jobs and visas, Spanish, travel, opening a bank account, shopping, and food. 

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Cats are notorious for hating travel. When I decided to move to Chile with my cat I was very nervous because I had no idea how to do international travel with a cat. Most of the information I found online only dealt with shorter trips so the idea of a 16 hour trip with an old diabetic cat was a little overwhelming! But have no fear, with proper planning and preparation you and your kitty can start your new life abroad without a hitch.